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About Us

Les-Ann Photography

Les-Ann Photography was founded with a profound mission: to capture and preserve cherished memories for individuals, families, and corporate entities. In pursuit of this vision, we hold the art of preserving special moments in high regard and are committed to delivering photographs of unparalleled quality that leave a lasting impact, forging enduring partnerships.


Our expertise shines in family photography, spanning from the initial stages of courtship and engagement to the grandeur of weddings, the anticipation of pregnancy, the joy of welcoming a new member to the family, and all the remarkable milestones as your family grows and flourishes over the years.


In the realm of corporate events, we align with the pursuit of excellence, crafting moments that project and elevate your corporate image. We aspire to accompany you on your journey, skillfully narrating the stories that encapsulate your organization's progress and accomplishments.


In our collaboration with clients, our aim isn't simply to maintain high standards but to perpetually strive for improvement, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our services. This unwavering commitment to excellence is embodied in our motto: "Your next is your best," signifying our dedication to providing premium service today and an even more exceptional experience in the future.

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Our Team

We select the best team to capture and handle your most cherished memories.

Our Clients Say

Photo Studio
"I supervised a shoot at Les-Ann and I must say it's my favourite photo studio in Accra. Their customer service is on point; they treat guests with respect, they have a make you room, they have good light and state of the art studio for all your creative purposes.


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